Via Giovanni XXIII, 79 | 25015 Desenzano del Garda BS | is an Italian technology company specialising in digital media, harnessing the power of standards to deliver high-quality solutions and services. We develop advanced technologies and solutions, design strategies of digital media development and advise major international companies.

CEDEO ‘s know how covers

  • Multimedia architectures
  • Data compression
  • Transport/File formats
  • Service protocols
  • DRM/Encryption
  • Standards for the above

CEDEO offers the following services:

  • WimTV: an An all inclusive video platform to manage, distribute and monetise video content.
  • Stream4U: is a high reliability service to stream large events with a theoretically unlimited number of participants sharing different security policies.

CEDEO delivers the following solutions:

  • TVBridge: an end-to-end system that allows a broadcaster to offer television programs with enriched use of additional content relevant to specific moments of the program.
  • AdvisAR: a client-server solution that allows a user, e.g. the buyer of a product, to receive assistance from a remote expert.
  • DNASearch: a platform to acquire, compress, archive, retrieve and process genomic information acquired through high-speed sequencing machines.

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