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Founded in Milan in 1935, UNAOHM is one of the oldest manufacturers of measuring electronic equipments all over Europe.

It was born thanks to two young engineers, Mr Enzo Pontremoli and Mr Giovanni Bozzi.

In the early 60’s the trademark is registered.

In 1956 UNAOHM begins manufacturing an instrument dedicated to installers of TV-reception systems, that is the field strength meter, immediately becoming the main player of this sector. All efforts of the R&D division are put into the Field Strength Meter. At present a complete range of equipments is offered, including handhelds and professional meters to thoroughly analyze all TV signals, both digital and analogue; some models can also measure signals of fiber-optic distribution.  

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The company’s activities concern several fields of electronics and telecommunication and are divided as follows:

Field Strength Meters and Lab Equipments division

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Inside this division we carry out research, development and design of field strength meters and accessory equipment (noise generators, reflectometer bridges, etc.) for installation of reception systems (terrestrial, satellite and cable TV signals).

Radio System division

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It carries out the production, installation and maintenance activity of professional radio links designed to work in hostile environments, such as oil-extraction platforms.

Equipments for Photovoltaic Installations division

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This division has been dealing with the design of equipments for photovoltaic plants for a few years. These instruments enable to test and certify according to the European regulations.


The company offers several services for pre-sale and after-sale technical support to help choose and use the instrument.

Moreover, we monthly arrange updating courses about new technologies for TV broadcasting, their measure features and techniques for reception and installation.